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General Questions

1. What is Click and Collect?

Click and Collect is a service by SM Markets where you can order your items online, then pick-up and pay for your items in store with your items already prepared beforehand.

2. How do you use Click and Collect?

Just visit our Click and Collect website at Pick the store where you will pick up your items. Select the items you want and add them to your virtual cart. Sign-up or login to your account. Checkout and confirm your order. Go to the store at your pick-up time. Then pay and pick up your items.

3. Is click and collect available in all stores?

For now, we are beta testing SM Markets Click and Collect at SM Supermarket Makati.

4. Will you have Click and Collect in more stores soon?

Yes, we will have them in more stores soon. However, we still do not have a timeline for this.

5. Can I use this anywhere in the Philippines?

You can order from anywhere in the Philippines but can only pick up and pay for your items at SM Supermarket Makati

6. What type of items do you carry?

Currently, we listed our top selling non-perishable grocery items. We plan to add more items in the future including fresh items like meats, fruits and vegetables.

7. How do I return an item?

You can return an item by bringing the item in good condition to the customer service together with the official receipt. This will be subject to our store return policy.


1. Do you have a maximum or minimum order?

You can only order a maximum of 10 pieces per item. There is no minimum or maximum peso amount on your order

2. What if I decided not to buy some items in my order?

You can cancel items you ordered when picking up and paying for your items.

3. Will orders be cancelled if the customer doesn’t pick them up on the date specified?

Orders will be cancelled after the specified pick-up date. You may re-order your items on the website if you still want to get your items past the specified pick-up date. We will strive to hold your items past the pick-up time you specified on the pick-up date.

4. What bag will you use for my groceries? Please don't use paper bags.

Items will be packed upon pick-up so you can check your items. You may specify which packaging you prefer during pick-up subject to store policy.

5. Can someone else pay and pick-up an order for me?

Yes, they can. As long as they have the correct name, order number and pick-up time selected, we would allow that person to pay and pick-up the items for you.


1. How do I pay for my order?

You can pay with cash, credit card and your preferred payment method in the store.

2. Can I pay online?

Unfortunately, we do not support payment online yet. Payments will be at the Click and Collect counter in the store.

3. Can I still use my SM Advantage Card to earn points?

Yes, you can use your SM Advantage Card to earn points. Just present your SM Advantage Card while paying in the store.

4. Can I still avail PWD or Senior Citizen discounts with Click and Collect?

Yes, you can avail PWD or Senior Citizen discounts while paying in the store. However, items have to be re-scanned to apply the discount. You should also present your PWD or Senior Citizen ID and senior citizen discount booklet. This will be subject to store policy.

5. Can I use my SMAC points to pay for my groceries?

Yes, you can use your SMAC points while paying for your items in the store subject to store policy.


1. Do you deliver?

Currently, we do not support deliveries and only allow orders to be picked up in the store

2. How soon can I get my order?

We strive to be able to prepare your order as early as possible within your order’s pick-up date. The earliest pick-up time slot you can select will be at least 2 hours from the current time.

3. Can I order groceries days in advance?

Groceries ordered days in advance are permitted provided that orders are places a maximum of 3 days before pick-up date. Items will be prepared on the day of pick-up.

4. Are all the items listed in stock?

Items listed on depends on availability on our stores. We strive to keep stock of all our listed items but we may in some occasions run in situations where we have unforeseen shortage of an item.

5. What if the item I ordered is no longer in stock?

We will inform you of out of stock items through e-mail and prepare the remaining items for you.


1. Are prices the same as in the store?

Items in SM Markets online are priced the same as in the store the items will be picked up from except for special online items, promos or errors in displayed price. If there are discrepancies with online prices and in-store prices, in-store prices on the day of pick-up will be followed.

2. What if I clicked for an item on promo but I decided to pick it up after the promo ends?

The time of orders are considered placed on the day of pick-up. Prices, inventory and promos applied will be of the day of pick-up.

Website Features

1. Can I change my order?

Sorry, you cannot change or cancel your order through the website. For cancellation, you may e-mail us at If you want to change your order, please e-mail us for order cancellation and place a new order on the website.

2. Can I view my previous orders?

You may view your previous orders by logging in and checking your order history in the “my account” section of the website.

3. Can I quickly reorder the same items as my previous order?

Yes, you can. Just login to your account and go to order history from the “my account” section. Click on reorder and all the items from your previous order will be added to your cart.

4. Can I save items to order in the future?

You can save items to your shopping lists. Just login to your account and you will see the “add shopping list” icon beside the “add to cart” button. Click on the “add to shopping list” icon and select which list you want to add the item. To see your shopping lists, just click on My Shopping List link on the left nav bar while logged in.

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